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Use our fast and secure platform to create valid signatures online with Aadhaar eSign. Accelerate your workflow with rapid and reliable signing of documents online.
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Do you find signing
documents a struggle?
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Signature by hand takes longer than it should.
When signing by hand means printing a file, scanning the hand signed image, upload and send, you really wish it was quicker.
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Way too many steps to clear.
We don’t want to work you to exhaustion for a signature. In, sign and out. That’s a word.
Sign legal documents online.
Anywhere. Anytime.
Our e-signatures make it possible to save valuable time with a complete digital overhaul of the workflow.
Step 1
Create your document or upload your own.
Send e-mail invites to signers.
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Step 3
Share the complete documents to desired parties.
What makes e-signatures
the better alternative?
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Legal validity
e-signatures are valid in most countries post industrialization.
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Quick and convenient
Sign your documents from anywhere from any supported device within seconds.
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Saves paper
Simplifies the entire tedious process and does it quick while saving a ton on paper.
Get it done instantly and
with fewer steps
Quick access
e-signatures with wizard legal is easy and our processes make your workflow quicker.
Efficient management
From digital storage to sharing, control your entire documentation without much friction.
Saves paper
Save paper and save on everything related to the logistics of a traditional signature.
Legal validity and acceptance
Being legally valid in 90 major countries, with our added encryption and biometric authentication options make it risk free.
Power dashboard
The app dashboard acts as a central control panel with intuitive design to facilitate smooth and snappy control.
High-level encryption
Secure all your documentation with industry-grade cryptosystems & ensure signer authenticity through public key encryption
Custom Domain (+SSL certificate)
Get a custom domain set up. Your receivers see your URL/link from a secure (SSL) custom domain representing your company.
Legal Templates
Works across platforms, seamlessly
on all popular tools you love.
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e-signatures and handwritten ones are equally and globally valid.
Save paper. Go digital!
Being legally valid in 90 major countries, with our added encryption and biometric authentication options make it risk free.
Get legal templates from Wizard Legal or upload your own. Make them legally valid with Aadhar eSign